Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Link Building Beyond 2013

Very interesting topic to tackle on link building 2013 and beyond. Algorithms updates, panda and penguin updates!Updates everywhere.

Here's some tips to do link building and beyond

Guest post but do it right: Only high-quality guest posting works. Try doing second-tier link building as well but don’t overdo

Give away something for free
Evergreen content –meaning something useful to your audience where they can download or watch videos that is resourceful enough to your audience.
What type of content?  Creating and publishing content assets on a regular and promoting that content through social circles. Once that target audience is determined, then the combination of useful, relevant information along with social promotion and outreach to the right influencers can be extremely powerful – and very effective.

1.    Regularly contributing content on their site (particularly on high-traffic publications in your industry), to continuously absorb traffic from them and to also build strong signals that can exemplify trust and authoritativeness in the field.
2.    Getting your peers to write content for your site, which can help you build more natural links to your site (from them as well as from their followers).

I prefer to focus on Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Social Media Marketing
Local SEO and Link Earning. Search has become more localized and personalized over time and this is exciting to me. Companies who are able to capitalize on these changes will eventually emerge on top. Writing and sharing the content that creates value for readers is the only source to drive visitors to your website. People love to read unique information. Create something new and share on your social media profile like facebook ,twitter,stumbleUpon, pinterest and Google plus. Natural link building is the worry-free way to boost your rankings, in a way that both the search engines and your audience will thank you.

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