Sunday, November 17, 2013

SEO Implementation November 2013

On-page Strategy

  • Keyword Research (Keyword Strategy and Anchor text variation)
  • Re-contract the websites content (make sure single core keyword). Do not duplicate keywords on each page.
  • Search and lists to find websites (the same) niche that have the potential to drive qualified traffic
  • Consider the DA, PR, Alexa, Backlinks and manually check the traffic
  • Find out what's working in Google analytics

Anchor Text Usage

  • 20% using our primary keyword 
  •  50% using a variety of LSI keywords
  •   30% should be made up of just general text, image or domain based links

Set-up the following tools
  • Google and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Google analytics 
  • Sitemap

Install Plug in
·         Analytics for Word Press (Yoast)

Title: Minimum of 70 characters (Include the primary keywords)
Description:  Minimum of 156 characters (Include the primary keywords and the seed keywords)
Keywords:  not really necessary

Social Media Link Building (Consistent participation and posting)
  •   Facebook
  •   Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google +

Link Building 2013
·         It should be earned links by creating a relationship from the same niche.

  • Link building via infographics
  • Link building via site evaluation webs
  • Link building via Pinterest

Key takeaways for website evaluation.

  •  Have a clear understanding of what you need to tackle. Don't be afraid to make hard decisions.
  • Move fast. Speed, while maintaining focus, is key to successfully recovering from an update.
  • Clean up everything you can, including both content and link issues. Don't just focus on one element of your site, when you know there are problems elsewhere. Remember, one algorithm update may bubble up to another, so don't get caught in a silo.
  • Stick with your changes. Don't roll them back too soon. Have the intestinal fortitude to stay the course.
  • Build upon your clean (and stronger) foundation with the right SEO strategy. Don't be tempted to test the algorithm again. It's not worth it.

Summary: Analyze, Plan, and Execute

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