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Facebook Marketing Strategy

Why to use Facebook!
How well we do it (Facebook Training guide)

It is extremely important that you have a local audience on Facebook in order to be successful
Trick #1: Create a ‘special offer’ coupon only accessible through your Facebook page.
Trick #2: Hold official sales, events or contests in your store and promote them on Facebook. Any important special activity that you may plan to have in your store should last more than regular working day so that your friends have a chance to find out about it.

Trick #3: Announce a product so cheap that a great number of people will come to buy it, but use an extremely limited stock.

Trick #4: Make a Facebook post asking people to come to your store with a printout of the “post” for an instant 10% discount on their total purchase.

Trick #5: Facebook now has an "event" option--you can set something up at your store like a "promotional event" and entice people to show up by offering a discount, food, etc.

Trick #6: Make “discount coupons” and make them print so when people go to your store with the coupon they get 10% percent discount

Trick #7: Display your business contact information, pictures of the store, a sense of its look and feel, directions to travel there, maps, transportation help, and show all the services you offer at your store. People will come attracted to something they need and that you have.

How to Promote a Coupon
Trick #1: The best way to promote a coupon is with a sponsored post, so if you have some money for this that would be great.

Trick #2: In order to get any serious volume of Facebook ad clicks, your bid should be around $0.40, $0.40 or even up to $1.00 depending on your niche.

Trick #3: You can test campaigns for CPC and then switch them to CPM once you find a higher converting ad.

Facebook Marketing Viral Tips… Get Contagious…

Trick #1: Pay with a Facebook Share is an amazing way to get people to spread the word about your business. You can use a great free service called “Pay with a Tweet” a

Trick #2: Get the most out of the traffic that you already get to your website by placing a “like” button right on top of the home page.

Trick #3: Group administrators have the ability to message all members of their group. There are many groups with thousands of members and many of them will be related to your niche.  You may contact them and even offer money for the ability to message the group for you.

Trick #4: Hosting a Facebook Event allows you to message all members who attend. This can be a great way to get them to spread the word.

Trick #5: North Social, Involver, and Wildfire have a number of great applications that can make your Facebook page stand out from the rest.

 Facebook Marketing Made Easy

The 8 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success

Step 1:  Pick Your Topic… Identify your target market…
  •   The first thing you need to do is clarify what your business is all about, what your brand is, and what your purpose is in the marketing world.
  • What kind of people are you trying to reach?
  •   What do they look like?
  • What are they looking for?
  • What do you actually do for them?
  • What kind of information would they be interested to know about and pay for?
  • How much money are they actually paying you for it?
  • How would they like to reach that content?
  •   Where are they from?
  • What are your competitors offering to your audience?
  • Can you offer a better service/product than you’re Competitors?

Step 2:  Create a Facebook Page Account… the right one…

There are 3 important things you should know before going on to the next step of the creation process:

§  The Category. You will be able to edit your Category at any time inside the administration panel.
§  The Page Name. You will able to change your Page Name only if the page has fewer than 200 likes, after which you won´t be able to change it again.

§  The Facebook Pages Terms: Please carefully read the Facebook Pages Terms so that you don´t break any rules and Facebook doesn’t shut down your page at any time.

Step 3:  Create your cover image… not breaking the rules…

There are some extremely important tips you really need to be aware of on creating your cover image:People will need to see what your Facebook Page is all about in just a few seconds.
§  Avoid the use of call to action or any kind of advertising material in your cover image. Facebook don’t like desperate advertisers using their services at all, so be aware of that and use only images to get people to know what your Facebook page is all about.

§  Use images that show what your clients or customers really want, show the end result of your services right there in front of them. Just sell the benefits using images and not words at this spot.
§  Use colors related to your company logo, product or any other kind of object you would be working with in order to satisfy those needs.  Everything will need to be related to what you are offering or selling.

§  If you have a website related to your business or services, it will be a great place to put the address right there in the cover image, as that will tell what that Facebook page is representing online.

Step 4:  Create your profile picture… avoiding confusion…

  • It is a great place to locate your logo, product or a photo of yourself.
  • If your Cover Image doesn’t show your logo, the profile picture should be the place where you should place it.
  • If your cover image already shows your logo, you may use the profile picture to show your main product.
  • The images should be clear and not confusing.
  • And of course it should relate to the principal colors you are already using.
  • Avoid the use of long phrases or text that is hard to read, or the size is too small to put a text that is smaller than a logo.

Step 5:  Create the “About” section… engaging the visitor

This is where you will be able to explain in a few and simple words what your business or service is all about.
  • You will have only 150 characters to show in this spot. Inside of it you will have a lot more space to write, but that small portion will be what everybody will see first and most of the time the only thing they will read as the description of your Facebook Page.
  • For such a small place you should be really wise in choosing the words you use to grab visitors’ attention quickly.
  • If you decide to include a URL you can do so. You usually will put your domain name here, but if the URL happens to be too long, we advise you to use a shorter URL.
  • A really cool advice here is to approach the reader more than yourself.
Step 6:  Using Facebook tabs… absolutely amazing…

  • Facebook Tabs is where we may use an incredible arsenal of high technology marketing tools called “apps” that will convert your Facebook Page into more than a regular page.
  • Facebook Apps are additional places where you may store highly useful places where people can enter and know more about special deals and information.

Step 7:  Posting… getting the most out of it…
This place is where we will do all the magic here on your Facebook Page. And let me show you all the amazing things this really cool box is capable of doing. I will explain 5 highly effective functions that this amazingly powerful little box has to offer to you and your business:
  •  Facebook News Feed
  • Viral Effect
  • Pin to Top
  •  Share your Post
  •  Boost Post 
  • Guidelines
  •      It is obvious to tell you this but it is important to remind you that you really need to post something of value.
  •          Please think before deciding to “Pin” a post; that post will stay in the top for 7 days and if your friends don´t like it, it is so easy to get them to unlike your page just like it is to get them like it.
  •          The average life of a post on Facebook is around 3 to 4 hours.
  •        Questions are good to make people respond (comment) on your post.
  •          Do not post like crazy, it is really annoying, and people will start un-liking you ad even un-friending you.
  •          I strongly advise you to create a post experiment for views. You can post every day, but on a different hour; in that way you can see when people usually get into their Facebook accounts because the post will be in front of them right away.
  •          Now that you know at what time to post, you may pay attention on a post experiment for likes, comments and shares at the same time.  In that way you will know your audience really well and avoid un-likes gaining more interactions.
  •          Adjust your posting to them as much as possible. If you go to the likes section:
  •         Do some research online and if you find any report, video, training or software freely available to get and completely related to your Facebook Page topic; that will be great to share. Your audience will start finding your Facebook Page useful enough to care about it once you send them a new post.
  •          Get the most advantage of the short text posts. Posts between 100 and 250 characters (less than 3 lines of text) see about 60% more likes, comments and shares than posts greater than 250 characters.

Step 8:  Getting “Likes”… quickly and safely

  •  It is  obvious to tell you this but it is important to remind you that you really need to post something of value. 
  •   Buy Adds on Facebook to gain likes and boost traffic.

The Top 10 Highly Effective Facebook Marketing Tricks:

1.    Website Traffic: Get the most out of your website traffic by placing a “Like” button right on top of your home page:
2.    Emails: Get the most out of the emails you send to your clients and contacts by reminding them to “like” your Facebook page:
3.    Email Blast: Blast a special email to all of your contacts inviting them to like your brand new and highly helpful Facebook Page.
4.    Store Promoting: If your business has a physical location, you can promote your Facebook Page right from there:
  • Place pictures of it for people to see.
  •  Give away flyers describing your business and place your Facebook Page address on them as well.
  • Give away greeting cards and invite people to “like” your Facebook Page in a corner of the card.
  • Include a Facebook advertisement at the end of all of your business documents.
5.    Car and Mobile Promoting: You could even use your personal goods as well. For instance, you could create a sticker and put it in your car or put your Facebook Page address at the end of your voicemail.
6.    Schedule Posting: This is an amazing feature you can use for posting. You might have a tight schedule, but it is of paramount importance that you stay in contact with your clients and customers.
7.    Contests: One of your main goals should be to make your clients and contacts fall in love with your Facebook Page.
8.    Web Address and Page Name: This step requires care and a little bit of research. The Facebook Web Address is the URL Web address for your Facebook Page and is one of the 3 most important factors for search engines to rank your Facebook Page to the top of the search results.
9.    Reveal Tab: The reveal tab shows viewers a grabbing question or fact related to your business and prompts them to “like” your Facebook page to find out more. 
  • Liked!
  • There are many ways to get people to “like” your page. You can offer them a free report, a coupon code, a special promotion, a video, secret training, a free product sample, etc. You can get many “likes” this way instead of funneling all the traffic to your Facebook Page directly.

10.  List Building (Lead Capture): You can built your email list or lead database using Facebook. Maybe you work best with email marketing. One benefit of this is that you may get more specific information about your customers or clients.

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