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Content Strategy Versus Content Marketing

Understanding these two is very important when creating a content to your audience. Before we dig in, let us know the meaning of Content Strategy from wikipedia, It says here "Content strategy refers to the planning, development, and management of content—written or in other media." While Content Marketing is "Content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers."

Content strategy and content marketing are two very different practices.

 Here are the basic practices of content marketing (from

If you are an agency: Whether you are an SEO agency transitioning into content marketing, or a full service agency adding a content marketing practice to your suite of services, please recognize that there is a distinction. I’ve seen too many agencies that are simply throwing the title “Content Strategist” at someone whose responsibilities would be much better served by the title “Content Marketing Strategist.” They are not the same thing — and your business will be better served by respecting their differences and/or offering both categories of service.

If you are a brand: If you are putting together teams and processes to create facile management of content as a core marketing strategy — employ both! Don’t assume that a marketing team that knows how to tell compelling, engaging stories understands all the intricacies of content strategy (they might, but it’s exceedingly rare). And, don’t assume that the content strategist that you’ve got managing the consistency and hierarchy of your technical documentation knows everything about content marketing.

If you are a practitioner: Know what you are passionate about, and pursue that practice with all your heart. Most of the best content strategists I know really don’t want to be content marketers — and vice versa. As a content marketer, I couldn’t admire content strategists more. What they do, quite frankly, mystifies me most of the time. On every marketing team I have the pleasure of working with, I adore having a content strategist there who will help make sure we don’t blow the place up.

Other Important Key Aspects in doing content marketing. 

  1.  Content marketing is strategic — it requires a plan: As our research shows, having a documented content marketing strategy is one of the key things that distinguishes effective content marketers from their less-effective peers.
  2. Content marketing involves both the creation and the distribution of content: Your job is not done when your content has been created. 
  3. You need marketing for your content marketing. At the very minimum, the content you create must be relevant and valuable: Not “just any” content will do (and there’s absolutely no room for spammy, farm-generated content). Think of genuinely useful content that does not pitch but, rather, informs. 
  4.  Content marketing is consistently delivered: One-off pieces of content don’t count; nor do campaigns that have a finite duration. 
  5. Content marketing needs to be executed on an ongoing basis. Honestly, this isn’t always easy to accomplish, and success won’t necessarily come overnight. But the results you are able to achieve can be staggering in terms of audience engagement and value. 
  6.  Your content needs to attract and retain an audience, with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer action: Said another way, don’t create content just for the sake of having content.
  7.  It needs to do something that will help you reach your key business goal(s). You must have a clearly defined audience in mind for everything you create. Even if you think anyone and everyone can benefit from your product or service, it’s always better to focus your content on reaching a particular audience target or niche.

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