Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How and why you should be auditing your funnel

Rand Fishkin whiteboard Friday discussed on how and why you should auditing your funnel? You can watch the video here
The world of digital marketing is one of constant change and constant stress. From the internal changes that every individual campaign can have to the constant stresses from industry trends like ad blockers and the "content shock," there are an endless amount of unexpected issues that can cause a digital marketer’s efforts to come up short. But, if you overcome those challenges, the world of digital marketing can bring great rewards.

The primary factors limiting digital and traditional campaign integration inside the average company include: lack of a combined strategy, lack of integrated skills, and lack of an integrated team structure – meaning teams that are still set up in silos.

True cross-channel integration requires refinements to marketing team recruiting – focusing on digital capabilities for all – and regular team-wide training due to the wildly dynamic nature of the technology behind digital marketing. With a well-trained, multi-disciplined team in place, developing and executing an integrated campaign will be a piece of cake.

After every marketing campaign, no matter how well it performed, there will always be something to learn and improve upon. Sometimes, you can learn more from a failure than a success. So treat every campaign outcome as “good” and don’t overlook any negative outcomes that might lead to positive insights.

What works for digital marketers today might not work tomorrow. It is a great feeling when you find a strategy that works, but it’s important to remember that things can change and some strategies won’t work forever. Obtaining data by tracking interactions with consumers and managing that information in your CRM will allow you to use it to create ads and marketing strategies that are specific to your target audience.

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